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Until recently, I was able to progress without a problem in a single hard drive Windows 7 / Ubuntu 12.04 dual boot environment. The boot menu would prompt whether one wanted to load Windows 7 or Ubuntu 12.04, with the default being Windows 7 ; this was possible by manipulating the boot menu using EasyBCD's tool. If one were to select the Ubuntu 12.04 option, it would take one to GRUB from where Ubuntu 12.04 was loaded.

While fidgeting with something, I had to update GRUB with 'update-grub' command and now the booting sequence is reversed. On booting the computer, I now get the GRUB screen (with the default being Ubuntu 12.04) and if on selecting the Windows 7 option there manually, I get the original boot menu of either Windows 7 or Ubuntu 12.04. Being a bit geeky, I can handle this ; however, the girlfriend is confused with the various turns and selections. How do I reset to the orginal state of the boot menu offering Windows 7 / Ubuntu 12.04, with Windows 7 as the default option ?

I cannot set the GRUB timeout to '0' as Ubuntu 12.04 would be selected by default, something I do not want. A possible option would be to push Windows 7 to the top of GRUB's list but this would still mean the the booting sequence would be GRUB --> Windows 7 to load Windows 7. Is there a remedy to bring back the original state of the boot menu offering Windows 7 / Ubuntu 12.04, with Windows 7 as the default option ?


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This sounds like you've managed to chain-load two grubs together. Or perhaps one grub and one lilo ro something crazy like that.

I'd give boot-repair a go.

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