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In Ubuntu 12.04~13.10, the Settings >> Display >> Sticky Edges [On/Off] option was available. In Ubuntu 14.10, it is missing. How do I disable Mouse Edge Stickiness so that when I move my mouse from the left monitor to the right monitor, it doesn’t STICK to the edge, in Ubuntu 14.04?*

As suggested below, I tried using unity-tweak-tool, but could not locate the Mouse Edge Stickiness option. Any guidance is appreciated.

Once again, Thank you, as this will help my carpal tunnel syndrome! Thank you!

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Go to Displays and disable Sticky edges.


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This doesn't work. I have it set to "off" and it still "sticks" on the edge between my monitors. It's infuriating. –  Cerin Apr 29 at 18:47
Kellen's answer below worked. I already use CCSM so it was easy to adjust the edge stop velocity to a lower setting. –  Brenden Aug 7 at 19:59

Did you install Unity with the CompizConfig Settings Manager? You can download it with sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager. Then launch with ccsm. Click the desktop section on the left then Unity plugin, use the filter to find "Edge Stop Velocity" and set it to 0.

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I did this with the unity tweak tool, it has a gui so its easy to use. its available in ubuntu-software-center

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I did sudo apt-get install -y unity-tweak-tool; unity-tweak-tool; >> And looked through all of the options but I could not find out where to disable Mouse Edge Stickiness. Can you please tell me where? –  Bran May 8 '14 at 4:00
Windows, There should be a picture of your desktop and a bunch of options all around with colored corners. The colored corners/ edges represent your hot spots for the sticky edges. There are bars on the side of each hotspot to select the prefered action, there should be "do nothing" as an option –  Deim May 9 '14 at 13:48
Window Manager -> Window Snapping –  Matthew Read May 27 at 18:35

It's because of the menu. ntrrgc is right, but you have to put the launcher bar all to the right, not in each display.

That fixes the stick problem and is worse, when you have that menu in both displays and with the option hide menu bar.

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