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Ok so.. on this PC I currently have two partitions on one hard drive. Windows 7 is installed on partition C, and Ubuntu is installed on partition D.

Now, I want to format Partition C and install Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 7. [Because Windows 7 is running unresonably slow for some reason, I CBA and I want to try Windows 8.1]

So, my question is - Should installing Windows 8 while while dual booting with Ubuntu break anything ? It seems fine to me since Ubuntu is installed on a different partition, but I just want to be safe.

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Was Ubuntu installed from inside Windows 7 using WUBI.EXE? If so it probably won't work with Windows 8 and above. Backup everything including all your stuff in the Ubuntu partition and install Ubuntu directly in an unallocated space (may be created by removing D:) by booting from Ubuntu installation DVD/USB after installing Windows 8.1. –  user68186 May 7 '14 at 22:02
Where do you have installed the MBR for Linux? Grub... Nevermind, too late for question... –  Mr_Chmod May 7 '14 at 22:08
No it wasn't installed with Wubi, it was installed from an ISO. @Mr_Chmod I don't know ;s The default location o.o I dont remember being asked that while installing or anything. And yeah I had to go to sleep ;s –  Kyodo May 8 '14 at 6:59

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