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enter image description here

machine: kubuntu 11.04x64 w/ kde4

  • the top terminal is of Yakuake w/ "No Border" option already enabled
  • the bottom is of Konsole w/ "No Border" option also enabled

how do I remove all borders from Yakuake to make it resemble Konsole at the bottom so as only the transparent terminal portion is visible?

if not possible what is a better replacement to Yakuake that has true no border settings, as well allows drag/drop of texts into the terminal? Already tried Tilda but it doesn't allow you to drag and drop texts into the terminal; tried Guake but can't get it to work in Kubuntu.

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-this is one workaround to the large tabbar at bottom of yakuake window"

One Pixel Title: A clean interface but for the one pixel line at the bottom of the window.enter image description here

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