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I use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS version its login is very nice but after i installed cairo-dock, cairo-dock(Gnome) desktop environment got added and i can choose either unity or cairo-dock(Gnome) desktop environment but i don't want to use cairo-dock(Gnome) desktop environment so i want to remove that cairo-dock option from login page.

I tried removing it by uninstalling cairo-dock desktop integration packages but the cairo-dock core is also uninstalling with it but i want to use cairo-dock. I also tried removing it from the cairo-dock settings but when i open settings as standard user the gnome option is not accessable and when i open settings as root user the gnome option is not viewable.

so please can some suggest me how to remove that option from the login screen.

Thanks in advance.

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Found my solution

I found the desktop environment file that loads at login in usr/share/xsessions its 'Cairo-Dock (GNOME)' i deleted that file that solved my problem.

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