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I'm trying to do an offline upgrade of ubuntu without using cdrom.

I tried somne of options listed in the below links :

How to upgrade Ubuntu from an ISO image

How to use a .iso image as a CD-ROM Repository?

The issue I'm facing is that when i boot from a "live" usb of ubuntu 13.10, GUI does not provide an option upgrade existing installation of ubuntu 13.04.

  • When mounting the Ubuntu Live ISO inside existing Ubuntu installation and adding it to the software sources list, I'm able to update individual package, but not the entire release.

  • Specifically, when I go offline and try the do-release upgrade from Terminal, it is not able to find any updates to OS.

Can you please guide me to upgrade 13.04 to 13.10 from the mounted iso ?

Note :

My PC already has windows 7 and Windows 8 installed. It loads off the Windows 7 bootloader and is linked to grub by using Easy BCD.

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The purpose of making a local apt repository is to use a given media as a resource for your packages, and this is one half.

After you have done this and updated apt with sudo apt-get update you can do an upgrade to a new release with

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

But beware that this is not granted to work, if you can't solve a dependency you are likely to break your system, apt heavily relies on multiple repositories and online resources to solve all the dependencies.

Another alternative is apt-cdrom.

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