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Wubi works delightfully as a guest, but I can't seem to login under my administrator name/ the one Wubi prompts you to create. It also happens to be the same username/password as my Windows Administration.

I wasn't sure if maybe I had the wrong password? So I re-installed Wubi again, it's the same problem.

The ultimate goal is to be able to use the sudo command... so, the catch 22 is, I can't use sudo command to fix the issue.

Anyone know a fix not involving sudo?

Many thanks!

Edit: Since I'm new, I can't answer my own question, but I found the fix:

My question was basically answered here: mount:can't read proc/mounts

"This is a caused by running an out of date wubi.exe from 12.04 or 12.04.1. Because the Wubi.exe is out of date it tries to download the development release wubi disk image."

I solved the issue by uninstalling the [faulty] version of Wubi, which I believe had been 13.04 Wubi, and re-installing Wubi with a correct version, per the links given in the above question pertaining to error codes of

mount:can't read proc/mounts. Can't fount such file or directory

TL;DR- you have a bad copy of Wubi. Reinstall from a better source.

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The issue has been fixed, see update above. Can't answer my own question, but issue resolved. Thanks! –  Eleanor Zimmermann May 6 '14 at 7:31

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