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After spending 4 days trying to set up my laptop with dual-boot, I am now asking for help. I've looked at some videos and tutorials and have found resources relating to my model of my notebook, but mine is still different.

I have an ASUS X202E. The BIOS is updated to the latest version. When I go into the BIOS, I can not find any SECURE BOOT or CSM LAUNCH option. I have changed many of the options and settings but have had no success. Here are the things I have tried:

  • Installed windows 8, and then I try to install ubuntu. During ubuntu install Partitioning section, there were no visible NTFS partitions.

  • Installed ubuntu with the partition / Efi, then tried to install Win8. Result, when installing Windows 8 the installer says that the system is in HD and GPT can not install windows 8.

  • Installed ubuntu without partition / Efi. Result: ubuntu does not start, neither OS is detected by the system, it asks to install an operating system, or select a system. Then I installed Windows 8 , and it only boots Windows 8. Under Windows 8 I installed Easy BCD, and created two boot options, one for Windows and one for Ubuntu, but when I choose Ubuntu it still does not start.

I need to have a dual-boot system. I really want to start using Linux, but I still need to use some Windows software.

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