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I read several posts or articles which deal with this but all give a solution for linux guest. For example :

I also heard about using a samba server or something like that. Does anybody know precisely how to set up a working solution ?

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I just succeed in setting up a samba network between the windows XP guest and the host. I followed the following tip :

I just have to add a comment about the samba password. When you try to access to the directory you want to share, samba ask you for a password. This password is not your ubuntu password associated to your login. You have to use the command smbpasswd in order to set a password specific to samba.

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link is currently broken... – malat Jul 7 '14 at 9:17

I tried googles four top posts with so many command lines that confuse me and gave error after error and what solved it was so easy ...

SIMPLY ! Right click on the folder in hte host you want to share/ select sharing properties/ give it a name where it asks (mandatory) fill out common sense ticks .... save and

Bammm it is in you guest's network (just open the file browser and see it in the left column by clicking on your host computer's name


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