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I have been having issues installing Ubuntu 14.04 13.10 12.04 on my Dell XPS 15z from USB. 32-bit installs fine off USB. I have seen some answers on here trying to solve it and have attempted these solutions. So here is my procedure:

  1. Install USB using unetbootin

  2. Reboot from USB

  3. If I click try or install my computer waits a few seconds and then puts the screen in the top left 1/16 of the screen and freezes. My Caps Lock stops lighting up when clicked at this point and I have to hold the power down to reboot.

  4. If I click the second try from live (it gives me the option twice) it will boot Ubuntu and freeze as soon as I type a key. However, the mouse works fine (prior to me touching a key that is). I must reboot by holding the power button.

  5. I tried to do acpi=off but no change

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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At the boot menu, change the kernel boot arguments, remove "splash quiet" and add "debug". Now boot and let us know what the last error is before it hangs. Also try a different USB drive and different USB2 port. –  bain May 15 '14 at 12:35

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