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This is NEW installation to dual boot computer with XP, I finally got 12.10 to load if I go into "recovery mode" (which I have 2 separate versions for some reason, I think it is because I tried to install Ubuntu and Lynx so many times) under "advanced options",then "boot system normal". I have been trying to figure out 1, if I need proprietary driver for my video card "Visiontek VTKRAD7K64P", and 2, how in the world to install proprietary driver if I need it? My system; Home built computer Asus mother board K8V-X 2 or 3 GB ram 320 GB hard drive partitioned for dual boot Obviously I am new to Ubuntu, so please do not assume I know any "zip" terms or phrases, I can function in "terminal" if given command. Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

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retagged obsolete tag to [software-installation] and added [dual-boot] and [boot] to reflect boot menu option difficulty. –  Clayton May 15 at 13:07
You seem to be asking two very different questions. Consider: editing this post to refer only to your boot options difficulty and then creating another question for issues relating to your display drivers. –  Clayton May 15 at 13:09
This question is a sort-of dupe of the question from the same user: Which proprietary video driver do I need for a VTK Rad7K 64P graphics card? –  bain May 15 at 14:18
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12.10 is an old, unsupported development release of Ubuntu with End of Life May 16 2014. There is no reason to use it for new installs. Instead use Ubuntu 14.04.

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