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I've downloaded latest Ubuntu desktop (version 64-bit) and created a bootable ubuntu from USB using pendrive linux. The specs for my laptop and USB flash drive are as follow:

Laptop model: acer aspire 4750, intel i5, Nvidia GeForce GT520M (update to latest), 64-bit

USB flash: 2.0

ubuntu: version 14.04, grub (not grub2), I guess I'm using Unity DE (default since I didn't download or install any other DE version.

One thing I noticed during mounting Ubuntu on the flash drive is if I lower the persistence volume, the booting time become shorter, but still unable to shut down. I'm currently using Ubuntu in live session mode (try mode).

During booting, a black screen appears for few minutes (with no errors message) before the Ubuntu splash screen appears (loading screen) and I'm able to use Ubuntu.

If I shut down Ubuntu, it cannot shut down and I have to do it by pressing my on/off power button. During the shut down, the Ubuntu splash screen appears and that's all with no error message. Shutting down using command line does not solve it although it shut down and still, just showing the splash screen.

Another problem is regarding usage in ubuntu terminal. when I typed in sudo vi/etc/default/grub, the error message appeared after it was sudo: sudo vi/etc/default/grub command not found. There are directories for grub as I searched on the computer. But why did the error occur?

On the other hand, it has no problem on desktop pc (32-bit). It boots fast and shut down properly, but the above command line issue still occurs.

I'm completely new to Ubuntu. Any help is appreciated!

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About the command, leave an space between vi and /. Like this: sudo vi /etc/default/grub –  darent May 5 '14 at 6:45
I have been having the same problems and since i saw some other users with the same or similar problems here, i guess i will try Ubuntu 13 for a change. If you do find a solution, please let me know. As for the shutdown problem: If you want to shutdown, it often helps me to switch to a terminal using CTRL+ALT+F2, login using my credentials and then use "sudo shutdown -h now" for shutdown or "sudo reboot" for reboot. Sometimes, it works, sometimes it doesn't. (I am using Acer Aspire V3). –  Christian Kullmann May 5 '14 at 9:30

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