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Displayed screen content is unstable. Some icons and lines correctly displayed may become not visible in a totally random manner. Or a whole page might appear empty/faint, while actually they have a content.

The problem appears (only?) when using “Files” at the launch bar. I guess that is the name for Nautilus file browser in Unity.

Opening folders, the contents (icons and text) might be dislayed fully on the whole screen (or not at all) in the first seconds. But anything present on display may become faint or totally invisible very soon later.

They vanish mostly when mouse is moved vertically over , while the rest of the displayed lines remain visible until mouse is moved over. Coming back to the same spot, the content might become visible again, e.g. by right click; or some action might trigger renewing the page correct display again. (e.g. click on List icon)

Windows XP has no such problems on same machine. The drivers for the old Nvidia videocard in Ubuntu might not be adequate, but I doubt it, because Linux internet browsers show all webpages as normal. Thank you for assitance.

Edit Januari 23, 2015 Nobody else has the same problem ? Even so, I'm surprised that nobody reacted.

The problem is still there (All updates were done in due time, but there is no improvement. Since the hardware is working ok in Windows XP for any similar graphic situation only two possible explanations :

  • Either Ubuntu 14.04 Nautilus is much more demanding than Explorer8 in XP ? But only in this rather static application as a single page view of a folder contents ?

  • Either driver is not adaquate for my graphic card. At boot time, there is always some preliminary routine ending with message "chip is not responding, giving up" before the word "Ubuntu" appears on screen.

At boot, often (but not every time), the boot proces stops, showing stairsteps (white and black stairs above each other) all over the screen.

But which driver for the old graphic card (NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 AGP8X) could be appropriate if the "default" driver given by Ubuntu does not the job in Nautulus ?

Nevertheless the currently used driver seems to work without problems in all other more demanding applications !!? Only video movies are a bit chopped, but no complaints elsewhere.

  • Does Nautilus asks more memory ? I don't believe that. I have another old computer working without that problem. It is another graphic chip however.

Missing or should I say 'unvisible' folder icons or filenames are the main problem (however really existing, because text appears in a popup when mouse pointer is sliding over the unvisible text or icon.)

Sometimes the whole screen seems completely empty blank (moving the mouse around shows items one by one), or what should be seen fully clear appears to be very faint, so you still can see something if you look closer.

The phenomenon has various different visual aspects. With the additional unstable condition, it makes it difficult to explain and to make a screenshots. I can try to make a screenshot,but it it would represent only one aspect.

Thank you for suggesting a Linux driver which maybe could solve this nasty situation.

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