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Previously i used LMDE on my laptop, but now I moved to Ubuntu. I might have been a little bit rough with it, because I’ve simply format / partition, and installed Ubuntu on it. Home folder was separated, so i didn't touch it at all.

Now, when i start the Terminal, i get this message:

bash: /usr/bin/mint-fortune: No such file or directory

I've found a solution of this problem on Linux Mint forums:

sudo pico /etc/bash.bashrc

Removing the line:


But I don't have this line there. I imagine it has something to do with Home folder, since I formatted everything else before installing.

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I think it will be on ~/.bashrc file. So run this sudo gedit ~/.bashrc command to open .bashrc file and then remove the line /usr/bin/mint-fortune from that. Atlast source the .bashrc file by running this command source ~/.bashrc so that the changes could be made permanent.

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I just removed the pest from kubuntu14.04 installation by editing with vim the last line of /home/[my username]/.bashrc file, which line now looks as follows:

# remove this pest!  /usr/bin/mint-fortune

Before adding # it used to look simply as


which caused the error "not found" message to appear on the konsole

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Have you tried

 sudo apt-get remove fortune 

I do not think that this has anything to do with your home folder, because the home folder typically just has user specific documents like music, photos, etc.


Removing Fortune Message

Basic Linux Directory Structure

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