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i'm running ubuntu 11.04 with unity. Recently i found that Dolphin file manager and some qt libraries was installed in my distro, i guess it was installed as a dependency along with some QT softwares ( Qbittorent, Smplayer etc.,)

Well i can do 'sudo apt-get remove dolphin' but pls.suggest me the best way to remove all the unwanted libraries/dependencies of QT.

Thanks in advance

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Removing a package including no longer needed package dependencies can be done with

apt-get remove --autoremove <package>

(see also this answer)

However if Dolphin was installed as a dependency of another package, we need to remove this package first.

In case we need to keep any package depending on Dolphin we cannot remove Dolphin.

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Thanks. You are right! This should have come as a dependency while installing digikam (Correct me if i'm wrong) anyways removed dolphin, kdebase runtime, akonadi, nepomuk etc... – Karey Jack May 31 '11 at 4:35

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