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I have files on usb DOK that I can't accesses since the folder name is in Hebrew I use Ubuntu 12.10

ll /media/user/KINGSTON

drwx------  16 user user   8192 Apr 28 16:40 ??????????/

ll /media/ilan/KINGSTON/??????????/
ls: cannot access /media/user/KINGSTON/����������/Hour-Report: Input/output error
ls: cannot access /media/user/KINGSTON/����������/ documents: Input/output error
ls: cannot access /media/user/KINGSTON/����������/files: Input/output error

d?????????  ? ?    ?          ?            ?  documents/
d?????????  ? ?    ?          ?            ? files/
d?????????  ? ?    ?          ?            ? Hour-Report/
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What formatting does your usb stick use? – don.joey May 1 '14 at 11:55

Terminal > Preferences > Encodings tab ...

Pinch these checkboxes :

  • IBM862 Hebrew
  • ISO-8859-8 Hebrew Visual
  • ISO-8859-8-I Hebrew


  • UTF-8 Unicode
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