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Is it possible to add a location/folder on my hard disk (ex: /media/Data/Ubuntu) to the sources.list? If possible,how?

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There are 4 steps to setting up a simple repository for yourself:

  1. Install dpkg-dev
  2. Put the packages in a directory
  3. Create a script that will scan the packages and create a file apt-get update can read
  4. Add a line to your sources.list pointing at your repository

Install dpkg-dev

Type in a terminal

sudo apt-get install dpkg-dev

The Directory

Create a directory where you will keep your packages.

sudo mkdir -p /media/Data/Ubuntu

Now move your packages into the directory you've just created.

The Script update-mydebs

It's a simple three liner:

#! /bin/bash
cd /media/Data/Ubuntu
dpkg-scanpackages . /dev/null | gzip -9c > Packages.gz

Cut and paste the above into gedit, and save it as update-mydebs in ~/bin. (the tilde '~' means your home directory. If ~/bin does not exist, create it: Ubuntu will put that directory in your PATH. It's a good place to put personal scripts). Next, make the script executable:

chmod u+x ~/bin/update-mydebs


add the line

deb file:/media/Data/Ubuntu ./

to your /etc/apt/sources.list, and you're done.

Using the Repository

Whenever you put a new deb in the mydebs directory, run

sudo update-mydebs
sudo apt-get update

Now your local packages can be manipulated with Synaptic, aptitude and the apt commands: apt-get, apt-cache, etc. When you attempt to apt-get install, any dependencies will be resolved for you, as long as they can be met.


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Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I appreciate your time taken to help me (and the fellow linux users). – Din May 2 '14 at 4:36
Hi Sylvian, just one more question: I have two folders called "Main" and "Contrib" in the folder where the packages are stored. What should be the line added to the sources.list? What does this (./) command do? Thanks! – Din May 4 '14 at 7:08

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