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So I want to install Ubuntu alongside my windows 7 and i can't. If i install it from windows it works, but when i reboot my computer it just says something like put the disc in and reboot and then install it. When I go and install it from a disc it just shows the beginning of the installation (the purple screen with the logo on the bottom) and then my monitors don't have any source anymore while my computer is still running. I have installed Ubuntu on my laptop the same way but it worked. The one difference might be that the not working installation is being made on a computer with two hard drives. Any type of help would be appreciated.

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Have you looked at both What's the difference between Wubi and a regular installation? and How to convert Wubi install into regular install?? It seems that if you have tried both approaches already, you might have issues with master boot record (MBR) and Grub - maybe not. In any case, I'd like at both and then add clarifying information to your question. –  Clayton May 20 '14 at 12:27

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