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I figured out my problem guys. I had to downlowd eclipse, and it ran through that. sudo apt-get install eclipse Sorry about my lack of info. :)

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Can you add more info as to what you have done - with which command did you download it, try to run it, etc.? – chesedo Apr 30 '14 at 4:40
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Python is installed to all of our computers because it is useful framework for a variety of things .

To use the python interface from terminal just type python .

to check you python version just type python --version

to run a python script you need to type in the form :


but very importantly it has to be executable first

chmod +x

I hope it helps !

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just type :

sudo apt-get install python

It will show you whether you have newest version of python or you should upgrade

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How do I install python through the terminal?

Python comes preinstalled on ubuntu in all recent releases. You can just type python in the terminal to access python 2 or python3 to access python3.

I downloaded python through the terminal, but when I went to run it, all I got was a whole bunch of script. Any suggestions? I am using lubuntu

It is unclear how you downloaded it. Normally you would simply run

sudo apt-get install python
sudo apt-get install python3

These really are the ways to install python in Ubuntu. Don't start downloading stuff yourself. It will mess up your system because Ubuntu also uses python a lot for the OS itself. There are some expert ways to install python, but they might be too advanced for you.

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