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When there are more than one window opened from the same program, let's say gedit and you click on the application launcher expecting a kind of previsualizators to choose one of the opened windows, X system keeps blocked and I need to open a shell session and kill it.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Regards, ·_-

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Reporting bugs is done on launchpad, it is off topic here. –  mikewhatever Apr 28 at 22:31
Thanks Mikewhatever, have you move it ? or are you suggesting me to do there? In the case you have moved, how could I get responses? Thanks again. Btw, I cound't post the issue at launchadpad since I haven't seen the way, just reading bugs. –  manou Apr 29 at 7:22
It happened to me too. But I suppose that with any of the last updates this was corrected. It is working properly now. –  Hache May 29 at 12:57

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