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i have a lot of trouble getting the (indeed very nice) tool ginn to work. Out of the box it worked fine with my touchscreen. However, with the current version of the evdev drivers (in the repos), there was a problem that the calibration via "xinput" did not work as described here. I followed the answer and compiled and installed the latest evdev drivers manually. I can now calibrate my touchscreen correctly. However, with this new driver, ginn refuses to work. It gets the gestures form the touchpad but not from the touchscreen. The only file I changed was "/usr/lib/xorg/modules/input/evdev_drv.so".

Any ideas how to fix this? I also would be happy with a good documentation about ginn, found absolutely nothing except the man pages...

Btw i'm on Linuxmint 16 / saucy.

EDIT: Just found out that with the old driver, the gestures are captured from the touchscreen but not from touchpad (as expected). So ginn seems to wrongly swap these two devices. Is there any possiblility to tell ginn to run explicitly on one device?

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