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Every time I try to make an edition one that is required i keep getting access denied.

  • I wanted to edit a text file I used notepad, access denied me from saving it.

  • I used limbra, access denied me from saving it.

  • I used Terminal to try copying the file into the Apache folder in etc, access denied it from copying.

  • I used vim to edit the file through Terminal, access denies me again from saving the file.

I don't understand. Am I not supposed to have this access?

What do I do now?

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ONLY edit files in /etcif you know what you are doing. Files are quite sensitive in there. – Jacob Vlijm Apr 27 '14 at 12:34

makesure u are root.


sudo gedit /etc/file.txt

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i made myself root, and do i have to install gedit – user274143 Apr 27 '14 at 15:20
i dd and it is workin – user274143 Apr 27 '14 at 15:27

You can have root access with the command

gksu nautilus

This gives you a GUI access of the files in root.But be careful with what you change in there.

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gksu provided me with a warning that.. (gksu:4370): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display – user274143 Apr 27 '14 at 15:21

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