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I'm trying to get Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit working on an old Dell Dimension 4300. I installed from a DVD and it installed fine except it was incredibly slow.

  • I installed Compiz to remove window effects but it was still horribly slow.
  • I installed mesa-utils to test if 3D acceleration was working, which it wasn't.
  • I tried going to System -> Software+updates -> additional drivers, but that says no drivers are available.
  • I tried going to NVIDIA's site for drivers and tried installing them from the terminal but I got an error complaining about rmmod's path.
  • I tried sudo apt-get install nvidia-311 and got a similar error.

Its now booting into a black screen with no user feedback. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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This is how I got it done on Lenovo Y500 laptop.

Download either 32 bit or 64 bit driver depending on your architecture.

First make sure that remove any previous driver install, using sudo apt-get purge nvidia*.

Once you're logged in, Press Ctrl+Alt+F1, to switch to the first virtual terminal and login. Once logged in, navigate to where the file was downloaded, and do the command(s) below:

sudo service lightdm stop 
chmod +x NVIDIA-Linux-*
sudo sh ~/Downloads/NVIDIA-Linux-*

Once done, press Ctrl+Alt+F7 to go back to GUI, and reboot.

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That sounds reasonable, but I'm currently booting into a black screen that I don't know how to avoid. I've read that 12.04 will auto install proprietary video drivers, so I'm thinking I may try that next – user1033341 Apr 27 '14 at 17:16

Use Nvidia Drivers from PPA (easy install):

Type sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates and type sudo apt-get install nvidia-331-updates nvidia-settings-updates

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