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I have a xp dual hard drive system - c: and d: with 2 users -my spouse and I.

I have a window 7 single drive system with 2 logical partitions C: and D: Same 2 users. both are ntfs.

D: drive contains all data that needs to be always available to whomever is active, regardless of whether or not the other is logged in.

I have successfully done a wubi 14.04 LTS install on Windows 7 machine, and I've edited and fixed grub from ro to rw to allow correct boot into Ubuntu.

I'm holding off on the xp until issue resolved

I cannot figure out how to have the D: drive always available.

When I switch users, the D; is unavailable unless I authorize an uLTSnmount of the other user.

I tried to change the share on the D: drive, but "the share name is too long". Unacceptable for 70+ year old non tech!

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see askubuntu.com/a/101444/15811 for a method –  Rinzwind Apr 26 at 17:28
"When I switch users" where? In Ubuntu or Windows? –  Braiam Apr 26 at 17:32
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