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Is there any way to 'copy' or 'export' Lubuntu to a USB-drive so I can use it on another PC without having to set it up ?

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like this: askubuntu.com/questions/287064/… –  Rinzwind Apr 26 at 14:21
You might also take a look at this answer –  arsaKasra Apr 26 at 20:31

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You can "clone" the installation to the USB, but it'll not work if the computers are not of one type - driver errors.

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Well I guess that answers my question, For people that didn't understand I meant to 'export' an os that's already installed on my hard drive. –  Kyodo Apr 26 at 15:49
Actually, odds are it will work if the drive is properly set up so it would boot. More likely than not, Ubuntu will load the right modules for the new hardware. –  arsaKasra Apr 26 at 20:58

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