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I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 on my Dell laptop with intel HD 4000 and AMD radeon 7670M. Now I'm using the proprietary driver, but maybe I did wrong at something but each time I want to switch graphic driver in use with the Catalyst control center, it say I have to restart the pc, and if I leave it at the AMD card, it get hot when I just close the lid and left the laptop download something, so I'm wondering if I change to the open source driver, is it more convenient?
What are the differences between these two?
What are the states of the open source driver and the proprietary one right now?
I'm new here and I tried to find some questions like that, but they are from a pretty long time ago and they said the open source driver was improving fast, so now I want to ask this, sorry if this question is repeated again and again. Thank you for reading this.

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I dont't know about ATI, but I can no longer install my video drivers downloaded from nvidia support page. It must be the new kernel they are using (v. 3.13.0-24.46). Even for my actual proprietary driver to be installed they used a patch which comes together with the driver. The only solution would be to revert kernel to a beta version Ubuntu 14.04 used before, so i be able to install my genuine driver. Ati drivers could work though, you never know. –  floppy Apr 26 at 10:58
On the other hand I just read the release notes for your latest AMD driver, and it requires Linux kernel 2.6 or above (up to 3.11), and our kernel is 3.13, and also Xorg/Xserver 7.4 and above (up to 1.14), and again ours is version 1.15.1. So I don't think a driver you download from AMD site will work in Ubuntu 14.04. We just have to wait until both AMD and Nvidia release new versions of video drivers to match this new Ubuntu 14.04 kernel. I really don't know what got into them when they decided to use this new kernel. –  floppy Apr 26 at 11:09
@floppy Thanks for your information. I just read it too, that mean it would not work properly? And is the version from the ADM support page different from the one in the "Additional Drivers"? because I installed the proprietary from there, and I thought it work :| it's just inconvenient to use. –  thunderyellow Apr 26 at 11:56
I suppose they used the latest driver version for your radeon card but they also may have applied a patch for the kernel. Use Catalyst control center and stick to your intel HD 4000 when using Ubuntu. Don't use the radeon card because it overheats your laptop. There are new drivers for Intel cards on this page but they work for Ubuntu 13.10, I don't know about Ubuntu 14.04. And they also won't work for Intel Atom Processor N2600 Series and Intel Atom Processor N2800 Series. read the release notes and see if you can use those linux drivers for your Intel card. –  floppy Apr 26 at 12:24
Mhmm, should I choose older version of Ubuntu instead? I'm new and just installed Ubuntu so it haven't have many thing yet? –  thunderyellow Apr 27 at 0:03
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