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Please help me to disable it! it offends me while downloading via Web browsers.

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GFI WebMonitor is a software for "Web Security, Monitoring & Internet Access Control". Most likely it's installed by the person who is responsible for your internet connection. so you need to talk to her/him

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"M$ gold certified"? "[buzzword] Monitoring & Internet Access Control"? Sounds like spyware / crapware to me :D – Lekensteyn May 27 '11 at 9:41

Disabling a Download Control Policy

To disable a download control policy:

  1. Click on WebSecurity Edition → Download Control Policies from the navigation pane.

  2. Uncheck the checkbox in the Enabled column for the policy you want to disable.

  3. Complete disabling a download policy by clicking on Save Settings.

NOTE: Failing to click on Save Settings means that you will lose settings as soon as you leave the view to move to another section in GFI WebMonitor.

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