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How do I install the latest version of GNOME 3?

  1. How do I install last build and version of Gnome 3 via Terminal?!

  2. What about my files? After upgrading to Gnome 3, Will I have all files and applications that I had before upgrading?

  3. How do I turn back to Unity environment? I mean, If I didn't like Gnome 3, Is it possible to install Unity, as past?

  4. What about setting? system and package updates? Will gnome 3 reset them or..?

  5. How much is Gnome 3 size?

  6. Will I have additional applications after getting Gnome 3?

LAST Question:

What is your advice? Which one do you prefer for yourself? Gnome 3 or Natty default environment?

I acctually, don't like Unity! that's why I'm using Ubuntu classic, But I'm tired about this interface. Is Gnome 3 a good option?!


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Can you read the linked question and then split this post up into individual questions? The site is designed for one question per post and some of your questions are duplicates. –  Jorge Castro May 30 '11 at 19:05
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1, 2 & 3: See How do I install the latest version of GNOME 3? It answers your questions about settings and removal as well.

The Gnome3 install will conflict with some packages, such as Unity, but it will be handled by the package manager. Hence, system updates will work just fine.

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