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I want a small running bicycle (maybe an animation GIF) on the desktop, to remind me focus on work and work hard, can I?

It can be embedded in a small window, but it's better to remove the surrounding window border.

It's even better if it supports GIF-89a animation, so I can customize it whatever I want.

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  • First install shantz-xwinwrap from here, then install gifsicle from the software center.

  • Now create an empty file on the desktop, open it with gedit and then copy and paste the content of this in it.

  • Now save the file as gifbg , make it executable then run gksu nautilus and navigate to /usr/bin/ and paste the file there .

  • Now to use a .gif as a desktop background run gifbg path/to/gif

  • If you want it to be your wallpaper at every boot then add gifbg path/to/gif command to your startup applications .

Source and detailed answers at:

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In the gifbg script, -w WID seems not work. And, I didn't see any difference running gifview alone, or running with xwinwrap. At last, running gifview -a bike.gif is just fine. – Xiè Jìléi Jul 4 '11 at 7:19
The pastebin link the second item no longer works; Could you somehow replace it? If the licence allows, just paste it as a code block; There is a scrollbar added automatically if it is very long, no worries about that. Thanks – Volker Siegel Jun 14 at 1:52

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