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I just found out about /bin/true yesterday. I'm not a bash power user by any means, but I decided to check it out. I was surprised to find that it is a 22K file (Ubuntu 12.04), and not one of the smallest utilities in /bin (e.g. kill is smaller). This is really just curiosity, but is there are reason for it not to be a very small bit of code? How would I go about finding the source code for /bin/true?

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int main () { return 0; } - 26 characters - and that's all that's necessary. Compiles and strips to 6K on my machine. GNU's source is here. – Dennis Williamson Oct 10 '14 at 21:54
An empty executable file would have also been interpreted as a script returning 0. But it looks nicer with 80 lines of C I guess ;) – Aurelien Aug 11 '15 at 20:16
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Well, looking into the sources of the coreutils tools, true is one of the smallest. It is smaller than kill, though larger than false which is the very smallest:

$ for i in src/*c; do wc -l $i; done | sort -nr | tail -11
78 src/true.c
74 src/operand2sig.c
73 src/sync.c
37 src/prog-fprintf.c
2 src/uname-uname.c
2 src/uname-arch.c
2 src/ls-vdir.c
2 src/ls-ls.c
2 src/ls-dir.c
2 src/lbracket.c
2 src/false.c

So, true has 78 lines, but only 58 of them are actually code (the rest are blank lines and comments):

$ grep . src/true.c | awk '{ if(/\/\*/){a=0} if(a){print} if(/\*\//){a=1}}' | wc

And yes, a lot of that (10 lines) are dedicated to the usage function. The program is still tiny though.

Also, the reason that false is tinier is that it simply calls true:

$ cat src/false.c
#include "true.c"
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$ dpkg -S /bin/true
coreutils: /bin/true

So the package which actually provides /bin/true file is coreutils.

Run the below command to download the source code of coreutils,

apt-get source coreutils
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true is part of the GNU coreutils. Their homepage is here, and there are download links for the source there. With git, you can download the source using:

git clone git://
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Thank you! And by viewing "true.c" I can begin to answer the rest of my question. It looks like a lot of code may be devoted to supporting --version and --help? – Steve Koch Apr 24 '14 at 1:58
That, and anything that is linked in statically. I haven't examined the build files myself. – jkt123 Apr 24 '14 at 2:01

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