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I have setup unison to sync a folder on two computers. On the first one C1, the folder is inside Home. On the second one C2, the folder is on a partition, which is mounted automatically at startup. Sincronization works, if the files change on C2 and are transferred to C1's home folder. When I manipulate the files on C1, they are not syncronized to the partition on C2. In Unison window asks for "prop ? prop". Afterwards files are not syncronized. How do I have to set the permissions correctly?

Actual permissions are: C1 Folder Owner = User (create and delete) Group = User (Access) Others = (Access)

C2 Folder Owner = root (create and delete) Group = root (create and delete) Others = (create and delete)

The partition on C2 has to be available for several user accounts.

Thanks and greetings

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