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I'm a new user (Ubuntu 12.04 clean install) and now have some troubles with keyboard layouts. The real problem is that I have to use a few languages for typing and I'm not able to add them. I used System settings >Language support and installed languages. So I go back to Keyboard layout, click on "+" and after every attempt I get a blank dialog window. Keyboard layout options also appears blank.

I've used the following troubleshooting:

  1. I reinstalled language-selector-gnome
  2. Reboot (a few times really)
  3. I used dconf-editor and changed layout value desktop/gnome/peripherals/kbd/layouts (set to 5). The default one was empty.
  4. Installed the latest updates.

Nothing helps. Alternative keyboard layouts do not appear.

I have Xneur installed but when I try to launch it the icon doesn't appear in systray. Though actually I do not know if it's related to keyboard layouts problem.

Is there something else that I should change? Please advice.


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