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I am trying to get my 13.10 installation set up, but I cannot seem to get the mouse or keyboard to work.

  • Kernel: Generic Kernel 3.11.0-14
  • Motherboard: RoG Crosshair Formula V
  • Processor: Phenom II x6 Black Edition
  • RAM: 32 GiB Potenza 1600 DDR3 (4x8)
  • Mouse / Keyboard: Logitech Wave Combo mk550
  • Monitor: AOC HD 29" wide-wide (HDMI connected) / AOC HD 27" wide (DVI connected)

So far I have tried:

I have discovered:

  • The keyboard works in GRUB.
  • The keyboard does not work in recovery mode.
  • IOMMU is enabled.
  • USB 3.0 Legacy Support is enabled.
  • USB Legacy Support is enabled.
  • The mouse/keyboard works on the Windows partition.
  • The mouse/keyboard works on my laptop (XUbuntu 13.04)

I am using single-user mode (logs directly in) and the mouse and keyboard don't respond once the X window is loaded either. They clock works correctly, and the eth0 device responds to stimuli.

If anybody has any insight into how this issue may be resolved, I would love to try just about anything you want to give me.

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