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I have just installed the newest version of the ubuntu on my Macbook Pro. Right from the start, after I had done the upgrade, the OS showed a error window with the following message:

Error activating XKB configuration.
It can happen under various circumstances:
• a bug in libxklavier library
• a bug in X server (xkbcomp, xmodmap utilities)
• X server with incompatible libxkbfile implementation
X server version data:
The X.Org Foundation
If you report this situation as a bug, please include:
• The result of xprop -root | grep XKB
• The result of gconftool-2 -R /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/kbd

Here are the results of the commands in the last two lines:

$ xprop -root | grep XKB
_XKB_RULES_NAMES_BACKUP(STRING) = "evdev", "applealu_ansi", "pt", "mac", "grp:shift_caps_toggle,grp_led:caps"
_XKB_RULES_NAMES(STRING) = "evdev", "applealu_ansi", "pt", "mac", "grp:shift_caps_toggle,grp_led:caps"

$ gconftool-2 -R /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/kbd
 layouts = [pt  mac,pt]
 model = 
 options = []

Plus, the keyboard is all messed up! And I tried to change the keyboard layout and configuration, but it shows the same error message.

I don't know if there is anyone with the same problem?

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Have Macbook 7.1 and experienced same problems.

My Solution was to remove the Intl-Variant from the keyboard layout and choose the standard instead.

$ gnome-keyboard-properties
  1. Click Tab Layouts
  2. Click Button Add... (new window opens)
  3. Click Tab By County
  4. Country: Select e.g. "Germany"
  5. Variants: Select e.g. "Germany"

    NOTE: Do not select Variant e.g. "Germany Macintosh"!

  6. Click Button Add (window closes)

  7. Select other Layouts and remove them from the list

    Select e.g. "Germany"
    Keyboard Model: Select "MacBook/MacBook Pro"

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