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I am attempting to install Ubuntu on Windows 7. I followed these instructions here.

I see the files for Ubuntu desktop on the flash drive. However, restarting will not make the application run, nor will hitting the F12 key.

I tried to run the app as administrator, but it gives me a reboot, reboot from CD, and reboot later option, the first two not working.

Thanks in advance for your help.

P.S. I got into the BIOS by hitting F10 repeatedly (this is an HP laptop). I changed the boot order and booted from the flash drive. However I got stuck in some kind of loop. Every time I connected to the wifi and hit Install Ubuntu within Windows 7, Ubuntu would run for while (the dots would cycle through) then the wifi would get disconnected and I would be back at the prompt: Do you want to install Ubuntu within Windows 7, etc. I have gone through this cycle several times, and I even clicked the "I don't want to connect to the internet now" option, which was my last choice, and then I chose "Try Ubuntu" instead of "Install Ubuntu". I am able to get to Firefox and write what is happening now.

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What app do you run as administrator ? –  kostandinangjellari Apr 21 at 21:18
You must boot from the USB. On some computers the boot device selection key is f8, f10, f12. –  Cornelius Apr 21 at 21:19
Thanks for your responses. I right click on the wubi application as administrator and try to run it as administrator. –  umbregachoong Apr 22 at 1:28
wubi is not a recommended method of installation. Try using a wired internet connection from the live usb session. –  mchid 12 hours ago
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