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I've Ubuntu 13.10 and another pc with windows8. I use an external drive on Ubuntu and tried to share it to have access on Windows8. I've installed Samba. The problem in on windows side. I can see the share folders on Ubuntu but one I double click it says that windows can't access to Ubuntu. If I try to map a folder, I log on with the user setted on Samba , it trys to establish the connections and then reports an error saying that the speciefied folder is using another user and password. I also did another test that was to create a folder on the Ubuntu desktop and share it and on windows I can access to this folder with any problem. Also I tried to share the external drive from properties (like i did it in the other folder) but without success. Can anyone help me please?

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Please Open /etc/samba/smb.cnf and Cross check

  • workgroup name
  • authentication
  • netlogon

and in [shareddrive] block

browsable = yes

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