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I am running Gnome 3 on top of an Ubuntu 11.04 install. everything had been running fine, but some updates I applied required my rebooting the box to finish the install. upon restarting everything came up fine, except gnome-shell is no longer in the selection list at the login dialog. if i log into either unity or gnome classic, i can do open a shell and run gnome-shell --replace, and things are back to how i had them. i just don't understand what may have happened to cause this?. any ideas, or is the unity community just mad folk are switching to gnome 3 away from unity and they are trying to make things a bit more difficult:)

either way, thanks for any help that can be afforded


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Up to what i know there has been several posts about Ubuntu 11.04 not supporting Gnome 3 (Gnome-Shell). Am guessing this is something you will have to deal yourself as a pioneer of this problem and then later tell us about your findings.

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echo "export XDG_MENU_PREFIX=gnome-">>$HOME/.profile

logout and login

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