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I have had problems installing Ubuntu 14.04 on a Samsung N10 netbook running Windows XP.

  1. In order to overcome the security problems with unsupported Windows XP I successfully installed Ubuntu 12.04 using the Windows wizard. I then installed 13.10 (a bit more tricky as no wizard) and ran it successfully for several weeks.

  2. When Ubuntu Software Update proposed upgrading to 14.04, I selected this ... and then the trouble began. The update proceeded smoothly until it was 'preparing fonts' and it stuck there for several hours, went no further and I could not get the computer to do anything. I switched it off (mistake but I could not think of anything else) and when it rebooted Ubuntu would not run at all. Fortunately Windows was still available. I uninstalled Ubuntu.

  3. On the Ubuntu website I followed the procedure for booting from a USB stick without success - the Samsung has no CD drive and it will not boot from a USB stick. Following helpful advice on Ubuntu Answers I copied the relevant files from the USB stick to my hard drive and launched wubi from there. The installation proceeded smoothly but when I rebooted into Ubuntu, error messages appeared: 'serious errors found when checking the disk drive for /.', 'the disk drive for /tmp is not ready yet or not present' and 'an error occurred when mounting /.'. I uninstalled Ubuntu and tried again but the result was the same.

  4. As I could not find any solution, I then uninstalled Ubuntu 14.04 and reinstalled 13.10. This was successful and it is running fine.

  5. Having spent many hours on these fruitless attempts to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 I am now rather wary. Can anyone suggest a reliable solution, or should I stay with 13.10 until installation of 14.04 is sorted out?

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Boot Ubuntu from usb and set up using "Use whole disk". –  davidbaumann Apr 22 '14 at 10:40

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