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I installed rDock on Ubuntu 13.10 according to its manual (http://rdock.sourceforge.net/manuals/getting-started/). I finished the steps and it seems it was installed successfully. After make test I got:

OK (55 tests)

The test succeeded! The results agree with the reference ones.
Have fun using rDock!!

The problem is when I want to run one of the executable files from its Build/bin directory this error comes up:

mehdizadeh@mehdizadeh-All-Series:~/Documents/rDock/rDock_2013.1_src$ ./bin/rbcavity 
./bin/rbcavity: error while loading shared libraries: libRbt.so.rDock_2013.1_src: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I should mention that the "lib" directory and libRbt.so.rDock_2013.1_src exist in "rDock_2013.1_src" directory.

I would be thankful if anyone could help

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