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What is the appropriate nvidia version for (12.04) kernel 3.2.0-60-generic?

I am asking because after recent updates, Unity reverted to 2d only. I tried to purge and re-install the driver, plus file renaming, but the nvidia-304 driver will not provide 3d mode. My openGL version string is:

2.1.2 NVIDIA 304.116

Nvidia-319 or nvidia-331 is mentioned elsewhere in askubuntu to be the version I should install. My Graphics card is a GeForce 7300 LE/PCIe/SSE2.

More research - Xorg.0.log file states: "NVIDIA(GPU-0): Display (DELL 1907FP (CRT-0)) does not support NVIDIA 3D". But this 1907FP display has been running 3D for several months, until this month. Such blatant untruth suggests Mr Dell has pressured Mr Nvidia to obsolete my VDU.

I have long wondered why questions about 3D + nvidia are seldom answered properly at askubuntu. Now I fear I can guess. I am sad that ubuntu may be used as a vehicle for unethical business.

Yes, PC is old but meets my needs and has performed well until now. I am retired but will test with different VDU display from a friend. Should I change graphics card also? Any comments please?

319 and 331 - I tried this 2-step suggestion:

  • sudo apt-get purge nvidia*
  • sudo apt-get install nvidia-319-updates-dev

During the latter there were mostly references to 331 being installed, surprisingly, until nearing the end it dropped back to 319.

But; "The system is running in low graphics mode - your screen, graphics card and input device settings could not be detected correctly. You will need to configure these yourself"

Enter, reboot - a screen of four choices:

  • run in low graphics mode for just one session

  • reconfigure graphics

  • troubleshoot the error

  • exit to login

But with no tab key, no arrow keys and no mouse response the screen is useless. I could alt-ctrl-F1 only, only to repeat the above useless screen.

After a few days of PC holiday turning PC withdrawal, I tried another 2-step:

sudo apt-get purge nvidia*
sudo apt-get install nvidia-current-updates-dev

PC is working again locked in primitive unity-2d, with noticeable delays now for some operations. I found installation disk 12.04 LTS but it's old 2012; don't want to use it.

Hmm, Mr nvidia's coders have successfully crippled my old card, even in Ubuntu?
Time for a new PC, with no nvidia components?
I hope this helps someone. Any ideas?

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Have you tried the 319 and 331 versions you mentioned? –  Nattgew Apr 25 '14 at 15:46

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