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I am as new as you can be when it comes to using Linux. I heard ubuntu was the most popular Linux OS so i figured why not give it a try. After a few minor issues I managed to dual boot my windows vista computer with Ubuntu 14.04 but I noticed that everything was really slow. My system specs are as follows:

  • AMD Phenom 9550 QuadCore 2.2 Ghz
  • 4 gigs of ram
  • ATI Radeon HD 4600 series graphics card
  • 64-bit processor

These specs should be up to par for running the OS I assume, but the computer is about 5 years old. Basically I read that to enhance my performance I needed to update my graphics drivers through the additional drivers application, but there were no drivers on the list which led me to believe that my graphics card wasn't supported by the current version.

I then installed fglrx manually and restarted my computer. Now whenever I boot Ubuntu (and I've tried it on both Unity and GNOME) i only get my background and my mouse. Ctrl-Alt-T doesn't work, Ctrl-Alt-F2 doesn't work, right clicking doesn't work, so at this point I assume that I can't do anything at all through the OS and will have to reinstall a different version of Ubuntu somehow without blowing up my pc.

Any help as to what I should do next would be greatly appreciated since my computer also seems to crash after an extended period of time (could be 15 min could be a few hours). I've also been told that waiting 10-15 min for the icons to show up could work, so I waited and then my monitor turned into some low resolution modern art.... please help!

Side note: Windows Vista still works (I'm using it now) although it also has a chance to crash after a few hours.

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