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I'm pretty new to Ubuntu so I'm probably just doing something wrong.

The PC is an old Toshiba laptop. The hard drive pooped out on it so I ran Ubuntu using a USB stick for a few weeks while waiting for a new hard drive. The hard drive arrived and I installed Ubuntu on it, but when I try to launch from the hard drive it says it's launching in Low Graphics mode because it can't detect the graphics/screen hardware. It's got a few options for me:

Run in Low Graphics Mode for one session - clicking this and then clicking OK brings up a new menu: "Please wait for screen to reset" with an OK and cancel button. It stays there for several minutes until I hit OK, then goes to a console that says "Battery Check.... [OK] and stays there for several minutes (until I turn off the computer).

Reconfigure graphics (or something like that) brings me to a menu saying I can reconfigure or use a backed up graphics setting. I don't have anything backed up (fresh install) and the reconfigure button doesn't work, same as the run in low graphics for one session button.

Troubleshoot - Gives me some options for startup errors and things like that. Since I don't know Ubuntu very well I wouldn't know what any of this means

Log out to console - Button does nothing, same as run in low graphics mode.

Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L745-S4210. It has an integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics card built into the CPU (sandy bridge i3).

Thanks for your help.

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