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When I installed Ubuntu 13.10 I had some issues with the opensource graphic driver. My desktop was messed up and afterwards I found out that the driver was not able to allocate enough memory. Therefore I switched to the official nvidia driver. Everthing worked fine and stable except the splash screen (plymouth). I read the solutions available and then executed the fixplymouth script with the proper resolution. Unfortunately it doesn't work.

Now I have upgraded to the new LTS version, 14.04, and this issues is still a pain. When I start my computer I see purple screen for a second followed by a terminal with a big blinking cursor in the left upper corner. Then the cursor gets smaller and I assume because the graphics driver are loaded and resolution has changed. Now the exciting part begins. Sometimes the screen remains black until the login screen appears (with some graphical bugs, but never mind).

Only black

But most of the times I get a vertical striped thing similar to a splash screen in black and another random colour (red, blue, yellow, I saw everything). Here some images:

Green Blue

I use Ubuntu 14.04, the nvidia 331.38 driver and my laptop is an Acer TravelMate 5742G:

  • Intel Core i5-460M
  • Nvidia GeForce GT 420M
  • 15.6° display with 1366x768

Does anybody know a solution for that?

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