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When I click Install from Ubuntu Software Center from web it asks to chose an application. Where do I find Ubuntu Software Center app?

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A couple of useful tips could help with this and similar questions.

If you look in the folder /usr/share/applications you will see a series of .desktop files. You should hopefully see something that you would recognise in terms of the application name.

In this case - the desktop file is ubuntu-software-center.desktop

Have a quick look inside the file (it is a text file) and you will see a line that starts Exec= - that command line is where your application is located.

In this case - /usr/bin/software-center

An alternative is to use the following technique:

type which followed by the first few characters of the software you are attempting to locate - e.g. soft. Then press Tab. Hopefully you'll see the name of the application you are attempting to run. Pressing return after which software-center will give the same value as the Exec= statement above.

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that's clear and helpful. thanks ! – kostandinangjellari Apr 19 '14 at 22:53

I usually just have it use xdg-open for most everything, since this will know what to open the files in.

So just navigate to -> File System -> usr -> bin -> then find xdg-open or /usr/bin/xdg-open

Find it once and you can use it for a variety of files.

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