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I have a HP laser printer attached via USB to my Ubuntu 12.04 system and it is working just fine. I am following the procedure in the Ubuntu Community Help Wiki to set up a Ubuntu print server that will allow my networked Windows machines to print to this laser printer. I have installed Samba. The very first step in the wiki procedure is to open the System-Administration-Printing window... it opens, no problem. BUT... there is no menu bar in that window that will allow me to set up a server. The screen pic in the wiki shows a "Server-Printer-View-Help" menu bar, but that bar does not show on the window that comes up with my system.

I'm a newbie, so any suggestions/observations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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First of all, provide link to the wiki you are using. Also check the date when the wiki was last updated(down at corner).Also try contacting someone expert in the issue via discourse, Askubuntu chat rooms or Ubuntu forums so that someone may update the wiki(if it has errors). In the mean time, someone may answer your question here. –  Registered User Apr 20 '14 at 6:14

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