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I've two different OS, which one is ubuntu. I'm using a PC, NOT a Mac. I use Chimera bootloader that don't find Ubuntu. So, i'd like to install grub 2 in EFI-mode on flash-drive USB. In this way, i can load Ubuntu only if the usb flash-drive is connected.

I followed this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting replacing "/dev/sda" in

sudo efibootmgr --create --gpt --disk /dev/sda --part 1 --write-signature --label "GRUB2" --loader "\\EFI\\grub\\grub.efi"

with the usb-pen directory. Then, i've copied the grub.cfg file that exists in Ubuntu partition.Result? Grub2 loads, but when i select the menu entries, grub2 doesn't find any command, or disks. How can i fix this problem?

P.S. Here, there are the photo of the error(when i select ubuntu entry in grub2), the usb-drive's contents and the grub.cfg file http://paste.ubuntu.com/7283661/

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