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After upgrading to 14.04 from 13.10 which worked fine, I cannot get past login as it just loops back. Guest account works fine. I can login to the console by hitting Ctrl+Alt+F1 using username and password. Not sure what is causing problem.


  • Video card is N9500GT

  • Tried chown username:username .Xauthority but now get only splash screen at login with password. Same thing happens in GDM.

  • Also tried sudo mv .Xauthority .Xauthority.bak no change.

  • Tried cat ~/.xsession-errors but got message that starts with can't save user-dirs.dirs and then gives more msgs and stops.

How to see what is in .xsession-errors file.

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I had the same problem. When i ctrl-alt-f1ed into my account it said that there was an error in the ~/.profile file (i had been messing around in there). Upon fixing the error i was able to login.

Look for any error messages and try to fix them.

Good luck!

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Boot using terminal then type:

sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

remove anything if you wrote codes

How can I save the file? F3 will let you save without exiting. Otherwise, Ctrl + X will prompt you if you've made changes. Press Y when it asks, and Enter to confirm the filename.

you can read more here on how to disable it.


hope that can help :)

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I tried all the solution present on Internet but could not solve the problem. Then I tried something similar to what is there in above post. I could not found any error in my ~/.profile, so I deleted the ~/.profile and did reboot the system. It worked fine.

It is good to find error and fix them in ~/.profile but if you cannot try deleting the file.

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I also had this problem, but ended up fixing it.

It is not necessary to delete your ~/.profile, but that file is what's causing the issue. Just make sure it doesn't print anything to STDOUT (and possibly STDERR as well).

Once i removed the printing from my ~/.profile file, i was able to log in with GDM.

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