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This has happened a couple of times (also to my boss) - but once in a long while, Kate will just switch over to right-to-left input.

We've searched for the menu command or keyboard combination that triggers this so that we can return to left-to-right input, but we've pretty much had to resort to restarting Kate.

What is the command for this switchover?

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I think you are getting bitten by this bug.

Some observations from the comments:

  • It seems to be not triggered by a shortcut.
  • It might not be a bug in Kate, but a bug in some Qt component.
  • It seems to not switch from LTR to RTL, instead it messes up the cursor position.
  • A workaround seems to be saving, then reloading the document (keyboard shortcut: F5).
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That workaround is much better than restarting the whole application :) thanks – HorusKol May 25 '11 at 6:37

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