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So, I have and Amd Radeon Card 8xxx Series and runs games beautifully on my windows partition, If it weren't for the fact the my steam account wasn't mostly windows only games i would have done a complete swap, but i digress.

I am running Elementary Os, which is based on 12.04, is there a way on quickly turning off desktop effects quickly, without the need to swapping between desktop environments?

I know not to expect the same performance between my windows half and my linux half. But when games I can normally run at 40 to 70 fps, only run at 20, I think there is something definitely wrong.

I read that opengl, breaks or something when you have desktop effects active, I am fairly content with pantheon as my desktop environment and would rather not swap I am running the latest drivers, all of which seem to function fine. On my previous install, I had lxde off to the side to resolve this, but it was trouble some having to realy on two D.E. instead of just one.

This really isn't a detrimental issue, more just asking if there is a simpler way to dealing with this issue than logging out and in. I am not a very advance user, just a college student with interest in linux so I could have this all completely wrong so if you know of anything else that may resolve this please do tell.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Andrei

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