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I have a new install of Ubuntu 11.04 and sometimes the window borders will disappear. How do I prevent this or at least get them back without logging out and logging back in (which means close all my programs)?

I have installed WINE but it is not running, but seems to make it happen more often I think when it is running, probably just cause of the exe I am running.

I probably have an out of date Ubuntu because I have no internet and I think Ubuntu comes out of date when you get the ISO, but if there was a patch I needed, I can install it.

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From a command line, run :

compiz-decorator --replace
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I had something similar where compiz and metacity where not working well together.

try compiz --replace &

I had to stop doing it after updating though.

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ubuntu 11.04 used new kernel and has some bugs. Border problem is one of them. If your computer is old one or low graphics configure then i prefer to use 10.04. 10.04 is the most stable version of ubuntu i ever see. To get back border follow amosrivera's suggestion.

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I wish somebody told me that before I installed/configured/personalized 11.04 :( – George Bailey May 24 '11 at 21:09

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